پاکستان، مسلمانوں کا نظریاتی اور فکری کنفیوژن اور ممکنہ حل Pakistan, Muslims in Ideological Confusion

The Biggest Problems faced by Muslims

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Ahmed Javed, a striking man, among two, three intellectuals of Pakistan could count them. They had the opportunity to learn the ancient and modern. Dermal scholar Maulana Job Dehlawi theologians such as religious principles and techniques they have learned. Legendary writers and intellectuals like Ahmed Salim years continue their seats. Actually, it was Prof. Mohammad Hasan School of Thought, Salim Ahmed forward with valuable additions.

Ahmad Javed Sufi are also giving lectures on philosophy, Iqbal Academy for years been associated. Poets are advanced. Fortunately, Ahmad Javed got a lecture on post-modernism, the subject matter as water. Ahmed Javed, in this interview about the most beautiful and minerals have spoken. Referring to the degradation of the society, he says: ” Our biggest collective Umm alamraz disease or that we have become poor people. Tastes, understanding, mind, just in case … We are below average. It is the leading cause of degeneration and mental and moral decline born. We are very small and small hydroelectric do not wish to remove, do not feel any need to leave their modest pin. Pin to cause minor disease, but this slight pin, pin crap shift is death. Javed Ahmed, the question was asked: Why is our society ‘s strategy, there is no great writer, the poet, not the scholar? Intellectual answer was clear and unequivocal: ” He is the major cause of the people, not the overall average that we have become the nation’s lowest. When we look at others remain the responsibility of their weaknesses, then we can not get out of their weaknesses. Our whole educational system in general, people are generating machine. Knowing that every culture has a mind of its education system is formed. Go ahead, Mr. Ahmed Javed has presented an interesting thesis. Says:” Every civilization is a collective consciousness, the collective heart and mind are collective. To irrigate the collective consciousness of every culture forms its own system. The collective mind of civilization helps to achieve its objectives. The original refers to a culture, a desire to withdraw from the others decided to make his own purposes, then it is a collective decision could be suspended. As a result, actions can not be creative, collective effort to achieve big goals can not be. The culture of this civilization’s collective heart, love, hate, and the emotions, feelings and a special appearance, color and condition holds. Every culture has its own system of feelings. If your system feeling empty and dissatisfied civilization, then the heart stops beating. If you see these three levels we are facing infertility.

” Now we’re not saying that this is worthy of our civilization and the collective mind of the ideas and values, it is our destination and our likes and dislikes.Civilization which nurtures it, care for it, will lose protection system, its internal culture to energize the system, the system code, etc. If the justice system, they are unable to produce great man civilization is made. The manifestation of the mind and heart of the man who becomes a civilization called. The space will be created inside civilization, they will create empty ones. So we are in this crisis. ” A few lines that it might consider the biggest problem facing the nation or alamraz Umm (mother of diseases) have been identified. How this can be done Is Fresh ideas

 That the basic question, 
 By according to your education, morality and justice system we are facing infertility, how such a situation could change?
Ahmed jauydka replied:

“There are changes in the model. These three models

(1) Tablighi Jamaat,

(2) the struggle of democracy dominated religion 

(3) by changing the strength of the desire to establish a caliphate

 Three models  to use all his capabilities despite neutralize, inconclusive and have failed.

(1) Tablighi Jamaat, 

Tablighi Jamaat in any religion of the world largest invitational network does not exist, but the collective work had no bearing on the existence and operation of the system has not changed. We can say that it has failed in a circle, but small (individual) circles is successful. 

(2) The struggle throgh democracy, dominated by religion 

Similarly, the political interpretation of Islam religion dominated by the struggle for democracy, which assumes, in terms of the religious political parties are today, they (the parties) have become too ridiculous. For example, perhaps the largest and most powerful model is Islamic. JI is also a big worry, the sincerity and strength of workers, who may sense a political party they belong to, they have a narrative, the narrative struggles to activate There is an army of workers who run the party is presenting a fair discipline. Despite all the advantages that the party has succeeded in keeping the religious identity or identities, then it disappeared. The existence or gained some recognition, but has now disappeared from politics. The current situation is that the party is no longer the political importance of religious importance. It is a model of the complete failure of the sample “.

(3) By changing through use of force,desire to establish a caliphate

“The third model is dominated by the power in the caliphate. This movement disappointment (desperation) and I woke up in protest. Continuous and complete failure of the previous two models after the observation is reactive.The problem is that every time a change on a global scale is a mechanism, which both truth and falsehood must ban advocates. This is the third model or group, the tragedy is that the mechanics of the current exchanges are universal, they are not concerned in any way. A universal mood change and to change the system itself indifferent to the change in the world I dream of the impossible is possible to assume. 

Militant groups or motions to the peaceful struggle for the establishment of the caliphate, the fighting spirit of his times and contemporaries fighting spirit is not successful. The impact of slavery in this world, it did not do anything (why slavery strategy to gradually reduce and eliminate gyy.a date) Democracy today has become the world’s collective subconscious, belief. The cause of the combat, the local change of the basis for the whole world to try lifting a senseless act. The same thing that come to mind fails. 
Another problem is that this group is doing, he is in the form of militancy. militancy ancient structure could become the source of the change, but the modern world is that the structure of the group militancy (armed struggle) social or state level may not be challenged .The people who are not involved in militancy, but their objectives are agreed, for them it is a tragedy. It’s a terrorist The concept is that you open your mind to grow flowers outside in the fire in the earth and the open flowers are trampled under foot. This mindset is low “.

“In fact, we need a model, they are essentially the party, the political agree that some powerful elements. 

Invitation to mix politics society on fundamental values ​​is essential to try restructuring and possible .Unfortunately, our dominant religious forces of social revolution to change the structure of the state are interested in. Muslims working in other Islamic movements is the same error. Muslim Brotherhood or the Islamic Front of Algeria, etc. All the political parties are the same. 
سب نظام بدلنے کی بات کرتی ہیں۔انسانوں میں دیر پا انقلاب کی ہر قسم فرد سے شروع ہوتی ہے، معاشرے میں اپنے حق پر ہونے کا ثبوت فراہم کرتی ہے اور معاشرے کی تبدیلی کے نتیجے میں ریاستی نظام خود بخود بدلنے لگتا ہے۔ہمارے ہاں 
There is no coherent idea of changing society, the concept of change is using the Tablighi Jamaat .

 Who are the people?

Muslim society made ​​it their goal to strive for the intellectual and practical, the movement of the subject or object it is our birthday parties, which is a huge loss. (It should be understood) the survival of our civilization and Muslim civilization or any renewal would be the case if they have relevance in social, political or state will not.The most important thing is to understand how the religious communities that we seek. It seeks to understand the correct way, it is your mental and moral powers, it is our responsibility to put into practice . A sample of the Muslim community to be successful in their invasion of the West will not stop the spread of Islam in the West begins.West is a spiritual society thirsty, there’s sensitive and intelligent communities feel it. If we make the spiritual foundations of a welfare society can triumph if Western society . If we cry out that Islam is an Islamic government, but it does not feel weary of the Islamic society in the Islamic world is not “. militancy and disaster losses one side and Ahmad Javed, who commented in response to a question, the US hardline religious thinking intently read and understand. Says:

“One way to avoid the dominance of Western civilization clash is the spread of Western civilization is involved in a lot of his strength, his strength, to prevent the spread of (armed struggle) to be used. Muslim civilization in some pockets of resistance by force (Power Resistance) that is going to fix that fighters prevented its way through. It’s like a tsunami that prevent some straw together Plan. 

This behavior is extremely absurd and meaningless concept. This militancy and militancy has been increasing acceptance of the dominance of the West, the Western culture is considered to be morally justified. The biggest contributor to the spread of civilization are justified, they have a sense of their moral superiority. The West’s attitude to violence and terrorism as a growing feels that, the sore on the body of one of them will not, but we will change our attitude toward them (the people) believe in their moral superiority will begin.The way it spread and it will be smooth