About تعارف

SalaamOne Newtork سلامis a nonprofit e-Forum focused on Quran, Knowledge, Humanity, Religion, Culture, Tolerance, Peace with specific reference to Islam, Muslims & Pakistan. “سلام ون” ایک غیر منفعتی ای فورم ہے جس کا محور، قرآن ، اسلام ، مسلمان ، پاکستان اور انسانیت ہے۔ The main cause of turmoil among Muslims is due to neglecting Quran, the fundamental source of  guidance. Work on this project has been initiated by exploration through Quran Subjects . We can promote peace among humanity, through mutual understanding, tolerance in diversity in religions, cultures, by promoting and adhering to common human values.  قرآن حکیم ، ہدایت کی بنیادی … Continue reading About تعارف