The Arabic word “Bida” is often translated as “innovation,” new thing, but word Bida typically carries a negative connotation in an Islamic context, signifying an unauthorized or heretical innovation in matters of religious practices. An alternative translation that captures the negative sense of “Bida” could be “deviation” or “heretical innovation”. These terms better convey the idea that the innovation in question is contrary to established religious traditions and teachings. Deviation to what is dangerous? There are always changes taking place in the world, so one has to change his behavior and style to remain relevant, but in religion Islam, the parameters and fundamentals of Deen Islam, Faith and Ehsan [doing it beautifully, in God consciousness] have been well defined and laid down [6+5+1=12], any new additions in then is Bida or Deviation which are ignored while minor differences among sects are called Bida. One example of forming sects, with new names which is forbidden by Quran Command verses. This is one of biggest Bidas  which is practiced (like many others) with impunity. We shall concentrate to the Bida (Deviations) in fundamentals as defined in Hadith jibril, which are based on Quran. Jesus Christ said to Jewish scholars: “You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.” [Matthew 23:24]

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