Islam& Judaism -Fluctuating Historical Relationship :

Historically, the relation between Muslims and Jews had oscillations but not that Islam harbored animosity to Judaism as a faith but in their failure to practice the commandments of God in true spirit under the notion of their racial superiority as a chosen race, the honour God ultimately shifted to the Children of Isma’il  by appointing Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the last messenger for the humanity. Thus they became entitled to divine punishment to be subdued as in the past. Allah says: “(And) Fight against those who – despite having been vouchsafed revelation (aforetime) do not (truly) believe either in God nor the Last Day, and do not consider forbidden that which God and His Apostle have forbidden and do not follow the religion of truth (which God has enjoined upon them), till they (agree) to pay the exemption tax (Jazya) with a willing hand, after having been humbled (in war)”(Qur’an;9:29). The medieval period thus saw the practice of theological controversy to refute errors of doctrine directed against each other. Nonetheless, Islam, too, was understood to contribute to the fulfillment of the divine purpose. From the late medieval period onward, the intellectual engagement between the two religions diminished with the general decline in the Turkish Ottoman Empire that represented the Muslim world to the West. In modern times it has not yet been renewed for many reasons. Once the political problems in the Middle East between the State of Israel and the Arab world have been resolved, the contiguity of the two communities suggests an inevitable renewal of dialogue on the religious as well as other fields.

Political and Social Aspects:

The confrontation between Judaism and Islam, as that with Christianity, was colored by political and social considerations both before and after Islam spread from Arabia to build a world wide community of its followers. During the subsequent period, the intellectual development of the Islamic world and the emergence of theologians and philosophers of the highest order challenged Judaism and had considerable influence on the rise of similar thinkers within that community. Given the strong monotheism and the anti-iconic attitude of Islam, many of the questions that arose between Judaism and Trinitarian and iconic Christianity were not an issue between Judaism and Islam. The crucial point of dispute here was the nature of prophecy, given Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) claim concerning his culminating role in the prophetic tradition. The Jewish reluctance to accept the progeny of Ishmael (Isma’il) i.e. the Arabs,  as coinheritors of  the legacy of Abraham. Conflict was situational whenever it had its justifiable reasons. The Jewish tribes at Medina during initial days of Islam had to face the consequences due to their breach of agreement with the Muslim government.   However, one would be far from claiming that the history of Muslims has always been a true representation of the teachings of Islam. Particularly under tyrant rulers, Jews and Christians had their share of maltreatment, but this was not to the exclusion of the Muslim subjects who always were even the most to suffer. In the Muslim world Jews never suffered anything like the atrocities inflicted upon them by Christian Europe over the centuries, including the holocaust in last century. It was in Christendom that the Jews were branded as ‘Killers of God’ and were made to pay for it through one pogrom after another. Even when the enemy was the Muslims, Europe always included the Jews as “collateral damage.” The first Crusade was launched by the massacre of thousands of Jews in Europe, with the mischievous rationalization: “We have set out to march a long way to fight the enemies of God in the East, and behold before our very eyes are His worst foes, the Jews; they must be dealt with first”.

Settlement of Jews in Islamic World :

In 1492, the Jews along with Muslims were expelled from Spain, they were welcomed and settled in the Ottoman empire.  In his book My People (also produced as a TV series), Mr. Aba Eban, Israeli scholar, historian and former foreign secretary, stated; The Jews in two episodes during their history were treated justly, once in Muslim Spain and the second, currently, in the United States of America. The great Maimonides was the student of the Islamic philosopher Ibn Rushd (Averroës) of Cordova, and later, when he moved to Egypt, he was the personal physician of Salahuddin (Saladin, of Crusades’ ). Revival of this era of mutual peace and cooperation can again be mutually beneficial.

Jewish  Power and Oppression of Palestinians:

The Jews, though a very small group  among the community of nations (Total: 14 Millions, 0.2 % of world population) enjoy disproportionate high status due to their strong hold at the international economy, financial system and media specially of USA and Europe. They have worked hard to remain abreast with the latest knowledge, scientific development and have positively contributed in the scientific discoveries and development of host countries. Their full control over international media which acts as a tool to mould the national and international public opinion in their favour with impunity. Through superior diplomacy they have been able to create conditions where by the American and Europeans fully support the Israeli cause employing all means including use of force. They are getting lot of support from the Evangelicals. [Evangelicals are basically Protestants who believe that each individual has a need for spiritual rebirth and personal commitment to Jesus Christ as savior, through faith in his atoning death on the cross (commonly, although not necessarily, through a specific conversion experience). They emphasize strict orthodoxy on cardinal doctrines, morals, and especially on the authority of the Bible. They reject the official interpretation of dogma by the Roman Catholic church. Many Evangelicals follow a traditional, pre-critical interpretation of the Bible and insist on its inerrancy (freedom from error in history as well as in faith and morals). They may be considered as Christian Fundamentalists.] The evangelist Christians believe that the second coming of Christ and establishment of Kingdom of God can not materialize till Jews are establish in Holy Land, the Neocons have also been lured in, so this politically powerful lobby in USA has been made to serve the Jewish cause well. The Jews have used their power and influence not only to establish the state of Israel but the continuous suppression of Palestinians, the main threat to the world peace.

Historical Relationship: