Islam is the major world religion, the revival of original monotheistic faith of Abraham, through the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from Arabia in the early 7th century AD. The Arabic word Islam means “submission”—specifically, submission to the will of the one God, called Allah in Arabic. Islam is a strictly monotheistic religion, and its adherents, called Muslims, regard the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the last and most perfect of God’s messengers, who include Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and others. The sacred scripture of Islam is the Quraān, which contains God’s revelations to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The sayings and deeds of the Prophet recounted in the Sunnah are also an important source of belief and practice in Islam. The religious obligations of all Muslims are summed up in the Five Pillars of Islam, which include belief in God and his Prophet and obligations of prayer, charity, pilgrimage, and fasting. The fundamental concept in Islam is the Sharīāh, or Law, which embraces the total way of life commanded by God. Observant Muslims pray five times a day and join in community worship on Fridays at the mosque, where worship is led by an imam (prayer leader). Every believer is required to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, the holiest city, at least once in a lifetime, barring poverty or physical incapacity. The month of Ramadan is set aside for fasting. Alcohol and pork are always forbidden, as are gambling, usury, fraud, slander, and the making of images. In addition to celebrating the breaking of the fast of Ramadan. The EĪd al-Aḍḥā festival inaugurates the season of pilgrimage to Mecca. The sacrifice of an animal is offered to revive the incidence of Abraham offering his eldest son Ishmael for the sacrifice at Makkah. Muslims are enjoined to defend Islam against unbelievers through jihad, a struggle through peaceful means or warfare against oppression or in defence. Divisions occurred early in Islam, brought about by disputes over the succession to the caliphate. About 90% of Muslims belong to the Sunnite branch. The Shīites broke away in the 7th century and later gave rise to other sects, including the Ismāīlīs. Another significant element in Islam is the mysticism known as Sufism. Since the 19th century the concept of the Islamic community has inspired Muslim peoples to cast off Western colonial rule, and in the late 20th century fundamentalist movements threatened or toppled a number of secular Middle Eastern governments. There were more than 1.5 billion Muslims in the world.


What is not demanded by Islam!

  1. Islam does not demand form a Muslim to give up the world altogether.
  2. Islam does not expect Muslims (men and women) to be ignorant, lacking in knowledge of their faith and other branches of knowledge.
  3. Nor does it require one to make the mosque a permanent abode, never to leave it.
  4. Islam also does not insist that one should live in a cave or monastery and spend his whole life there —- NOT AT ALL.

What islam expects from the Muslims!

  1. To dwell in their best civilization and matchless culture in a manner that they surpass all the civilized nations of the world.
  2. They should be the most prosperous of all as far as the different branches of knowledge are concerned.
  3. Invite the humanity towards Islam, by conveying the message with wisdom, peacefully, in a logical and convincing way. They should argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious.
  4. Do not use coercion against non Muslims for conversion to Islam.
  5. The right of retaliation, granted against injustice or oppression is to be used with equity, forgiveness and patience is however preferable.
  6. Not to kill the innocent people of any faith (including own self-suicide) except by law, they don’t have to create mischief on earth by creating anarchy or disturbing the peace.
  7. Warfare against injustice and oppression and in self defense is permissible, to be declared by the Islamic State but the rules laid down for its conduct by Shari’a (Islamic Law) be strictly adhered to. Those who surrender or do not fight or remain neutral are not to be disturbed. The prisoners are to protected and provided peace and security.
  8. Fulfill all bilateral and international accords (like UN Charter) for peace and stability of humanity.
  9. To treat all members of society with equality fairness and justice.
  10. Non Muslims in the Islamic society enjoy complete protection and freedom to practice their faith.
  11. The places of worship of other religions are to be protected.
  12. Do not abuse or degrade the god/ gods of non Muslims.

QUESTION arises that, if this is what is Islam all bout? Then; what should it be called which is happening in the world at present in the name of Islam?

It’s a complex issue. Please PONDER and find your answers, the books and articles at the web sites/blogs mentioned here, may facilitate you in this endeavour. [Keep reading at pages below … ….. ] 



Islam-Pages Index

  1. What is Islam?
  2. Islam – A Short Introduction:
  3. The Real Islam
  4. Knowledge and Learning
  5. Decline of Muslim Scholarship-Tragedy
  6. Religion and Scientific Reasoning
  7. Sectarianism Contra Sufism
  8. Muslim Only صرف مسلمان
  9. Shiaism
  10. The Last Prophet
  11. Prophesied in Bible
  12. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – Unique Character and Amazing Exemplary Life
  13. The Prophet of Peace
  14. Views of Non Muslims
  15. hoosing A Course
  16. Body, Soul, Mind
  17. Freedom & Choice تقدیر اور عمل کی آزادی
  18. Guidance & Choice
  19. Heaven and Hell
  20. Realistic Faith
  21. Reality of Death
  22. Transient World
  23. Doubt, Presumption, Knowledge 
  24. Belief (Iman) Faith
  25. Faith in Holy Scriptures
  26. Faith in One God
  27. Attributes of God
  28. Modes of Worship
  29. Reward for Non Believers
  30. The Spirit of Worship
  31. Unity of Divinity-Summary
  32. Unity of Godhead
  33. Faith in Prophets
  34. Equal Respect to All Prophets
  35. Miracles
  36. Faith in Predestination
  37. Destiny, Predestination, Reward
  38. Freedom of Will
  39. Faith in Unseen [Metaphysics]Divine Revelation
  40. Sinless Humanity
  41. The Angels
  42. The Jinn & Devils
  43. Manifestation of Faith Faith and Actions
  44. Faith in Day of Judgement
  45. Hell, Paradise-Description
  46. Increase in Faith
  47. Obedience, Fear, Hope
  48. Reliance, Gratitude,Patience
  49. Repentance and Atonement
  50. Submission to God’s Will
  51. The Day of Resurrection
  52. Trial of the Grave
  53. Miracles of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
  54. Principles of Coceptulization of Faith
  55. The Epilogue
  56. The Holy Qur’an
  57. Islamophobia Today
  58. Islamophobia- 150 FAQs
  59. Criticism to Islam- Refuted
  60. Delusions and Causes
  62. Caliphate
  63. Jihad- Myth and RealityIslam for Peace
  64. Takfeeri Fitnah: The Dreadful Doctrine of Terror
  65. Tolerance in Islam