Takfeer: The Dreadful Doctrine
of Terror

عقيدة المروعة من الإرهاب: التكفير

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“If Allah had so willed He would have made you a single people but (His plan is) to test you in what He hath given you:”(Qur’an;5:48). “Let there be no compulsion in religion”(Qur’an;2:256); “Surely Allah will never forgive the one who commits the sin of ascribing partners to Him and may forgive anyone else if He so pleases.”(Qur’an;4:116). “God wishes to lighten your burdens because humans have been created weak by nature” (Qur’an;4:28).

It is generally accepted international norm that the peaceful political struggle is the best way to get freedom from oppression and justice. However when peaceful struggle is brutally suppressed, the armed struggle against occupation forces involved in oppression is widely accepted as legitimate methodology. Many countries won their independence from colonial powers and oppressive regimes through armed struggle; it includes the countries like USA, China, Algeria, Vietnam and South Africa among many others. Still there are many people in Palestine, Kashmir,  Afghanistan still struggling to get rid of foreign forces or their local proxies. In Iraq the struggle against foreign  forces was converted to struggle against oppressive puppet Shia regime. The extremist Takfiri Khawarij took advantage to establish their rule under the fake title of ISIS or Daesh (heretic cult, nothing to do with Islam). The revolt of majority Muslims against minority oppressive rule of Asad (Alvi) regime helped Takfiri Khawarij (ISIS/Daesh) to gain foothold, their reign of terror has devastated the region and maligned Islam. In Nigeria Boko Haram (Western education forbidden) has killed hundreds of Muslims and non Muslims. The killing of innocent people or those opposed to the heretical religious doctrines through violence and terror is condemned and rejected world wide, being terrorism. 

ایک رواج چل نکلا ہے کہ مذہبی بحث مباحثہ میں مخالف کو کافر اور مرتد قرار دے دینا- یہ بظاھر آسان نظر آتا ہے مگر بہت سنجیدہ معاملہ ہے – کسی شخص کو مرتد یا کافر قرار دینا ، اور پھر ہجوم اکٹھا کر کہ قتل کر دینا- کسی کو کافر یا مرتد قرار دینا  اسلامی مملکت میں عدالت کا کام ہے- ایسے معاملات میں قانون کو اپنے ہاتھ میں لینے کی بجایے ملزم کو قانون کے حوالہ کریں-عدالت متعلقہ اداروں سے تحقیق اور شواہد کی بنیاد پر فیصلہ کرے گی- افراد یا گروہ ایسے اقدام نہیں کر سکتے یہ فتنہ اور فساد فی الارض ہو گا جو حرام ہے۔ ہم سب کے لیے ضروری ہے کہ کفر اور ارتداد کے مطلق شریعت کے احکام سے آگاہی حاصل کی جایے تاکہ قانون شکنی اور گناہ سے بچ سکیں- [پڑھتے جائیں ….]


It has been experienced that mostly the struggles initiated for legitimate cause with international support ultimately turned in to terror campaign once abandoned by the international community and taken over by semi-literate bigots. Taliban in Afghanistan and tribal areas of Pakistan are a case in point [their 1st generation was nourished and trained by USA asMujahideen against former USSR in 80’s]. 

They use religion [Islam in this case] as a cover to recruit and motivate the youngsters to become cannon fodder [suicide bombers & foot soldiers] to kill innocent people. The regional and international powers also get involved to use such terror groups through covert means to achieve their strategic goals. The hostile media is readily available to conveniently put the blame on the religion [Islam]. Hence Islam is maligned by the irrational religious bigots as well as the international powers. When ever the international community did not abandon, the people involved in legitimate struggle, the armed struggles ended upon achieving peaceful resolution of conflict, Kosovo, Bosnia and East Timor are some recent examples. The lopsided policies and mismanagement by corrupt military or civil regimes in 3rd world countries [mostly Muslim dominated] result in economic and social injustice. This ensures availability of large number of disgruntled, illiterate, unemployed youngsters from the under privileged strata of society. The extremists are quick to exploit through religious fervor to obtain required manpower, finances, public support and sympathy. 

The political, military, economic strategic and other aspects of this highly bloody oppressive non conventional warfare are deliberated at various forums. However their heretic religious doctrines, the main motivating force of the extremist Taliban is given cursory treatment only. An endeavour is being made here to critically analyze their ideology and see its relevance vis-à-vis established Islamic doctrines and practices.