The Unity of Divinity, the fourth and most important of all issues concerned with the subject of faith can be summarized as:

  1. All good and evil comes from God alone, and that we should not seek to gain benefit from anyone other than Him.
  2. We seek such benefit either through the ‘rules’, ‘the laws of Nature’ that He laid down for this universe, or directly from Him, through prayer and invocation.
  3. We plead to Him alone and set up no other partners or mediators with Him.
  4. We seek His help alone directly from Him, or through the means He has put at our disposal. We do all this in the full knowledge that it is He, the Almighty, Who grants all benefits.
  5. Our absolute love is for Him only and it is this love which motivates us to be completely obedient to Him, and our fear of Him that stops us from committing acts which would cause His displeasure.
  6. We glorify Him from the bottom of our hearts and reflect our devotion to Him in our speech and actions, because satisfying Him is our most cherished desire.
  7. Hence our prayers and worship are not directed to anything whatsoever that belongs to this world.