مسلمانوں اور غیر مسلمانوں کے تعلقات

1. Jihad for Oppressed Muslims (مظلوم مسلمانوں کی مدد اور جہاد)

2. آزادی القدس ، فلسطین اور امن کی جدوجہد میں عام پاکستانی کا کم از کم کردار

3. Zionist Christians: Useful tool for Zionist Jews

4.To Whom Does the Land of Palestine Belong?

5. Unholy Alliance: Christian Zionists and the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict : By Micheal Welton

6.The Zionist Cuckoos in Christianity’s Nest

7.Why The Heresy of Zionism Is So Dangerous To Christians . by David J. Stewart

8.The Myth of Chosen Race & The Covenant

9. Zionism – Racism
Interfaith dialogue between Brig Aftab Khan (r) and Jewish Scholar Dr. Asher Eder.

10.The Covenant, Chosen Race & Jerusalem

11.Palestine, Bible, Quran & History

12.Christian Zionism
بین القوامی سازشوں ، جنگوں اور فساد کی جڑ – صیہونی مسیحیت

13.Bernard Lewis, Zionists and Western Plans to Carve up Middle East and Pakistan. How to Counter these Anti Muslim Plans?

14.The Greater Israel by dividing Middle East: Oded Yinon Plan. How to Counter it?

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