A  student, who knows that his examinations are only a week away, but spends his time having fun instead of studying, does not realize that his exams are just getting closer. Similarly, someone may ask you the way to some place. He listen carefully to your detailed instructions and set out in the opposite direction’ With regards to the last example, the person’s reaction shows that his does not trust you completely. In the same way, we can say that faith is reflected in the actions and behaviour of a believer:-

  1. The marks of perfect faith are displayed clearly in the actions and behavior of the believer.
  2. The Islamic law (Shari’a) has ordained that man should first adopt all possible means and methods and should, then pray to Allah for positive results of his efforts.
  3. Reliance (Tawakkul) does not consist in sitting idle and setting aside the use of all methods and the laws of nature fashioned by Allah.
  4. The believer’s point of view is that religious ties are stronger than the blood ties and the bond of creed is more vital than the bond of lineage.