Buddhist Anti Muslim Riots in Sri Lanka and Myanmar (Burma)

Hundreds of Buddhist monks rally in Colombo against anti-Muslim riots as calm begins to return to violence-hit areas.

Hundreds of Buddhist monks and activists have rallied in Sri Lanka‘s capital against anti-Muslim riots that have killed at least two people and forced the government to declare a nationwide state of emergency.

The National Bhikku Front said on Friday they organised the silent protest against what they called “communal clashes destroying national unity”.

Moderate Buddhist leaders and cricketers have denounced the violence which occurred in and around the central city of Kandy, and several Sri Lankan social media users also posted photos on Twitter of Buddhist monks visiting mosques during Friday prayers to express solidarity.

Read full at source: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/03/sri-lanka-buddhist-monks-denounce-anti-muslim-riots-180309192840779.html



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