‘Atnatu’, The Unique God of Aboriginal Australians

The aborigine of South Australia calls their God “Atnatu” because some philosopher, poet or prophet had programmed them, that their father in Heaven is absolutely free from all needs; He is independent; He needs no food nor drink. This quality, in his primitive, un-inhibited language, he conversely named ATNATU, which literally meant “the One without an anus-the One without any flaw” i.e. the One from whom no impurity flows or emanates. Writes Late Ahmad Deedat [Allah may bless him], in his book, “What is his name”, said, Among all the 155 tantalizing names of God in the various tongues, the one that tickled me most was “ATNATU”.

What is so special about ATNATU? When I started sharing this novel idea with …friends … , their immediate reaction was one of mirth, they giggled and laughed. Most of them not realizing that the joke was on them. The boot was on the other foot.  Therefore to ease the situation, in a round-about-way let us say that where you have an ‘input’ you must allow for an output. The one who eats, must have the call of nature. Our primitive friend smelt the need, which he could never attribute to his Creator. Therefore, he called his God , “ATNATU” THE ONE WITHOUT THE EXCRETORY SYSTEM OR ITS TAIL END.

This Novel concept of God by primitive man is not really altogether novel. God almighty conveys the same truth to mankind, as in His Last and Final Revelation. The Holy Quran-but in a language so noble, so sublime, as befitting its Author (God). But because of its very finesse, and refined manner of expression we have overlooked the Message. We are commanded to say to all those who wish to wean us from the worship of the One True God: Say: shall I take for my protector any other than God, the originator of the heavens and the earth? And He it is Who FEEDS BUT IS NOT FED. (Quran 6:14)
And if any have misgivings about his so called “man-gods” or “god-men”, then bring him down to earth, for our God is the One who feeds but is not fed. He is not in need of food. Does your man-god eat? Or doesn’t he? If he does, then he must submit to the call of nature; OUR GOD EATS NOT!

Let’s now assume that some of those who believe that a human or an animal is God, went to preach their beliefs among the primitive people of South Australia asking them to accept this human or animal as their god. These primitive people would ask them,  “Is your god ‘ATNATU’.” ????  Their answer, would certainly be “NO!”
Aren’t those primitive people higher in their concept of God than millions of civilized people ??

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