Dialogue With Neocons

Israeli PM tells European leaders that Jews have been building in Jerusalem for three thousand years: This Post was found on a blog, the discussion started, there were 35 exchanges of messages and replies between 26 August to 2 September29. Finally the blog owner stopped moderating the replies of Abujak since 31 August 29. It was found that there are hardliners in USA which are much ahead of Taliban of Afghanistan. Their hatred for Muslims is much swear than what we find for them here.  It is hoped that the sense will prevail. We have to work hard to soften the anti Muslims mindset [changing is far distant objective] . The complete discussion is reproduced for the interest of the reader , to draw own conclusions and response. Read more >>>>> A Dialogue With Neocons:http://wp.me/PCgrB-3p

“A Dialogue With Neocons” Post,  Link: http://wp.me/pCgrB-3p