The Fortress Deal The Gun & The Pen

This is the untold, unknown great story of self sacrifice, devotion and love of simple Pakistani CIVILIAN YOUTH, who 50 YEARS ago said لبیک were called and came forward saying لبیک  to defend Pakistan purely on religious (Jihad) moral, ethical and national grounds, the spirit of Pakistan freedom movement. After intensive military training and participation in the 1971 War, some of them adopted the military as a career and excelled, but most of them went back to civilian life to restart their education and to build their careers again. It’s easier said than done. This Civilian-Military bond is what binds this country to keep it united. The Nation must understand that any malicious effort on any pretext to break this bond will result in confusion and catastrophe  worse than 1971. India worked for 24 years to sow the seeds of hatred and malice against West Pakistan [Punjabis and Army] now the Hybrid Warfare has become more sophisticated, in which every citizen has to participate with his mobile and laptop. The Covenant made with Allah by the Muslim fighter is not restricted to guns and firearms, the keyboard is the new weapon [the pen / Qalam] to fight the information war.,

General Douglas MacArthur said: “‘Old soldiers never die–they just fade away.” 

But, Brig Aftab Khan say:

“The soldiers of Islam neither die nor fade away, they live for ever with their Lord, as He is the Most Truthful to fulfil his covenant

So retirement does not stop us from fulfilling our part of commitment we made with Allah, now instead of guns we take up the pen / mobile/  keyboard and let the nation know our past and respond with power of knowledge.

The Spanish philosopher George Santayana is credited with the aphorism, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” while British statesman Winston Churchill wrote, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

So please don’t take this paper as just recording some event of a military unit. The history of 31 FF is not the story of an ordinary unit, this is the history of the “First National Service Battalion of Pakistan” which was raised purely for the young students, the generation born in the 50’s and they still stand by their commitment to continue Jihad by other means!

Note: This is an-unofficial account of memoirs based upon public material and information. No classified information from official sources is being shared, except what is in public domain. Only input from NS Brothers can complete this paper, please see guidelines at the end.

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