The Idea of Israel: A History of Power and Knowledge by Ilan Pappe: A Summary by Colin Chapman

Even in the most chaotic and violent moments of this new historical process, world opinicolin chapman photoon has not absolved Israel from its continued oppression of the Palestinians. Israel is seen more and more as a colonialist state that survived the twentieth century but is maintained because of its usefulness to the United States and its effective role in the global capitalist economy. There is no longer any moral dimension for global support, and when the more function
al side of this support starts to weaken, the scenarios shared, for better or for worse, by post- and neo-Zionists alike – may come true. This book was written with the hope that these grim scenarios would not transpire, but with the uncomfortable sense that they are already unfolding before our eyes….  [Colin Chapman] [Continue reading ……. ]