Truth or Conjecture-The Message of Quran

“SAY: “Who is it that provides you with sustenance out of heaven and earth, or who is it that has full power over [your] hearing and sight? And who is it that brings forth the living out of that which is dead, and brings forth the dead out of that which is alive? And who is it that governs all that exists?” And they will [surely] answer: “[It is] God. Say, then: “Will you not, then, become [fully] conscious of Him – seeing that He is God, your Sustainer, the Ultimate Truth? For, after the truth [has been forsaken], what is there [left] but error? How, then, can you lose sight of the truth?” Thus is thy Sustainer’s word proved true with regard to such as are bent on sinful doings: they will not believe. Say: “Can any of those beings to whom you ascribe a share in God’s divinity create [life] in the first instance, and then bring it forth anew?” Say: “It is God [alone] who creates [all life] in the first instance, and then brings it forth anew. How perverted, then, are your minds!” Say: “Does any of those beings to whom you ascribe a share in God’s divinity guide unto the truth?” Say: “It is God [alone] who guides unto the truth. Which, then, is more worthy to be followed – He who guides unto the truth, or he who cannot find the right way unless he is guided? What, then, is amiss with you and your judgment? ” For, most of them follow nothing but conjecture: [and,] behold, conjecture can never be a substitute for truth. Verily, God has full knowledge of all that they do.”[Qur’an:10-31-35]

“And there are among them [non believers] such as will in time come to believe in this [divine writ (Qur’an)], just as there are among them such as will never believe in it; and thy Sustainer is fully aware as to who are the spreaders of corruption. And [so, O Prophet,] if they give thee the lie, say: “To me [shall be accounted] my doings, and to you, your doings: you are not accountable for what I am doing, and I am not accountable for whatever you do.” [Qur’an:10-40-41]

“Oh, verily, unto God belongs all that is in the heavens and on earth! Oh, verily, God’s promise always comes true – but most of them know it not!”[Qur’an:10-55]

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