New Zealand: Christian Terrorists killed 49 Muslim Worshippers in Mosques – Analysis and Updates

Forty-nine people have been killed and at least 20 others grievously injured when white supremacist Christian gunmen entered two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, and opened indiscriminate fire at worshippers, including women and children, who had gathered for Friday prayers. This is the worst attack in the Pacific country’s history. …. Updates ….. […….]

نیوزی لینڈ کی 2 مساجد میں دہشت گرد حملے، 49 افراد جاں بحق ……[……..]

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told a news conference that the mosque shootings appeared to be a well-planned “terrorist attack”. “This is, and will be, one of New Zealand’s darkest days,” an ashen-faced Ardern said. The prime minister also said two explosive devices attached to suspect vehicles were found and were disarmed. The mosques on target were the Masjid Al Noor in central Christchurch and another one in suburban Linwood. A man entered with an automatic weapon and began firing.

Bush said four suspects, including a woman, were apprehended in connection with the attacks. One of the arrested men had been charged with murder.

Attack video on social media

One of the attackers shared a live stream of the attack on Facebook and posted content on Instagram. Facebook said it has taken down the video and was removing praise for the gunman.

“Police are aware there is extremely distressing footage relating to the incident in Christchurch circulating online,” a police statement said. “We would strongly urge that the link not be shared. We are working to have any footage removed.”

There were reports racist literature was left behind at the scene denouncing “invaders”.

Commissioner Bush said a number of bombs were detected and neutralised on the attackers’ automobiles.

“There were a few reports of IEDs strapped to vehicles which we were able to secure,” he said, referring to improved explosive devices.

Asked by reporters whether police considered Friday’s carnage a “terrorist attack”, Bush said an investigation was under way.

‘Anger towards Muslims through media’

Media portrayal of Muslims is creating anger against the community according to a 2017 academic research in which 16,000 New Zealanders were surveyed.

Speaking to Al Jazeera from Dunedin, the lead researcher, Dr John Shaver of the University of Otago, said, “Highly educated and leftist-oriented people normally tended to have a positive attitude towards not just Muslims but migrant populations, in general.”

“Our study found that highly educated people, even those on the left, developed anger towards Muslims through the media. The more they watched the news, the more prejudiced they became.”

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Why we should stop associating Islam with terrorism?

Generally when a Muslim is the perpetrator of an attack, his race, origins, and religion make immediate headlines. In this case, one of the shooters, Brenton Tarrant, has not been referred to as a “white terrorist” or a “Christian terrorist”, even though his detailed 74-page manifesto has clear racial and religious references.

He wrote a specific message “To Turks.” In it, he said: “You can live in peace in your own lands, and may no harm come to you. On the east side of the Bosphorus. But if you attempt to live in European lands, anywhere west of the Bosphorus. We will kill you and drive you roaches from our lands. We are coming for Constantinople and we will destroy every mosque and minaret in the city. The Hagia Sophia will be free of minarets and Constantinople will be rightfully christian owned once more. FLEE TO YOUR OWN LANDS, WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE.”

In another message addressed “To Christians”, he wrote: “The people worthy of glory, the people blessed by God Our Lord, moan and fall under the weight of these outrages and most shameful humiliations. The race of the elect suffers outrageous persecutions, and the impious race of the Saracens respects neither the virgins of the Lord nor the colleges of priests. They run over the weak and the elderly, they seize the children from their mothers so that they might forget, among the barbarians, the name of God. That perverse nation profanes the hospices … The temple of the Lord is treated like a criminal and the ornaments of the sanctuary are robbed. What more shall I say to you?”

Through these statements, it is clear that Tarrant deliberately and carefully planned an attack against a specific type of people that he didn’t approve of.

No religion should come under attack as a result of violence committed by its adherents, but why has the term “Islamic terrorist” been normalised? Has this become a form of psychological warfare from the echelons of power, in an attempt to create some form of word recognition associating Islam with terrorism, without implicating anyone else in identical situations?

In her initial press statement, Ardern had said: “Many of those directly affected may be migrants to New Zealand. They may even be refugees here. They have chosen to make New Zealand their home, and it is their home. They are us.”

Although these are words of embrace and inclusion, they do not mention Muslims as the victims, even though it was already clear that the attacks were at local mosques and occurred at the time of Friday prayers.

Even in what has become common language, certain Christians with dreams of institutionalising their religion are called ‘evangelicals’ with no mention of Christianity, while Muslims are referred to as ‘Islamists’, with their religion implicated in the term. Now with the Christchurch attacks being conducted by people from Christian backgrounds, it’s time to disentangle religion from terrorism.

Terrorism and Religion: Christian Fundamentalism – Oxford Research …

The motif of exclusivism, which is inherent to fundamentalist ideologies and values, is an important dimension to be taken account of. It is critical to understanding the specifics of Christian extremism and terrorism. Similarly, the issue of theological justification for Christian extremism and violence, together with biblical motifs and references for violence and extremism, are important dimensions for critical study. Christian extremism rests on select biblical models and references, such as that of Phineas (Num. 25) and proffers self-justifying theological support. In short, Christian fundamentalism manifests an ideological sequence of factors whose cumulative impact once (or if) the final factor of enacting violence is reached, can be devastating. There is historical evidence for this as well as contemporary examples. The ideological and behavioral trajectory of 21st-century fundamentalist Christians can—and in some situations does—result in deadly terrorist behavior. And as with any religion, such ideology leading to terrorism is necessarily extreme: a deviance from the norm of religious values and behaviors. It is critical to understanding the specifics of Christian extremism and terrorism. Similarly, the issue of theological justification for Christian extremism and …

Christian terrorism 

Christian terrorism comprises terrorist acts by groups or individuals who profess Christian motivations or goals. Christian terrorists justify their violent tactics …

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