The Prophet of Peace

The teachings of the Prophet of Islam and his exemplary way of living show that he not only projected the ‘concept of peace’, but that he was also able to develop a complete methodology of ‘Peaceful Activism’. The revolution he brought about was a practical one based on his ‘ideology of peace’. In view of the contribution made to human history by the Prophet of Islam, he can be most appropriately called the Prophet of peace. In the Qur’an the Prophet of Islam is called the Prophet of Mercy (Qur’an;2:107). The Prophet of Peace is only another name for the Prophet of Mercy. Both express the same reality in different words. But this aspect of the Prophet was overshadowed by the political history of Islam. Now, if there is to be a re­discovery of the Prophet of Islam as he actually was, this veil of politics needs to be removed, writes the renowned subcontinent scholar Maulan Waheed-uddin Khan, in his most enlightening article;>>> The Prophet of Peace’. May also read following articles to about the most influential man of human history, as declared by Michal Hart:

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