Super Star Rapper accepts Islam

A Interview with a former Jamaican Hip hop star who was also a former Christian who accepted Islam. In this video Muslim Belal shares his story of how he came to Islam.

Key Points of This Video:
Introduction [start time 00:00]
Were you always a Muslim? [start time 02:16]
My Life before Islam [start time 03:40]
How did you come to Islam? [start time 05:18]
Did I look into other religions? [start time 12:31]
Clearing Some Misconceptions about Islam [start time 17:21]
Advice to those that want to follow the fast life [start time 21:08]
Respect for women in Islam [start time 23:43]
Muslim Bilal shares a sample of his poetry [start time 26:51]
Conclusion [start time 33:40]

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