Trigger happy US Mercenary Killer posing as diplomat – Source of Unrest in Pakistan, hatred to arrogance of US ديفيس في الولايات المتحدة القاتل مصدر للاضطرابات في باكستان

The Threat of Civil Unrest in Pakistan and the Davis Case

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By Scott Stewart
On Feb. 13, the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) issued a statement demanding that the government of Pakistan execute U.S. government contractor Raymond Davis or turn him over to the TTP for judgment. Davis, a contract security officer for the CIA, has been in Pakistani custody since a Jan. 27 incident in which he shot two men who reportedly pointed a pistol at him in an apparent robbery attempt.
Pakistani officials have corroborated [? Foreign Minister resigned, official statement by PPP information secretary denied as her private views ] Davis’ version of events and, according to their preliminary report, Davis appears to have acted in self-defense. From a tactical perspective, the incident appears to have been (in tactical security parlance) a “good shoot,” but the matter has been taken out of the tactical realm and has become mired in transnational politics and Pakistani public sentiment.Whether the shooting was justified or not, Davis has now become a pawn in a larger game being played out between the United States and Pakistan.