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This website does not ask if you are Christian or Muslim – it asks if you are True To JesusFor two thousand years Christians have debated the message of Jesus Christ and have divided into sects based upon differences in understanding. Largely ignored, the same challenge has been offered from the world of Islam for the past fourteen centuries. Only two world religions, Christianity and Islam, require belief in the prophet-hood of Jesus Christ as an article of faith. What, then, separates these two world religions? Both believe in one omniscient, omnipotent deity, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Both believe in the chain of revelation within the Abrahamic faiths. Both believe in the Day of Judgment, angels and demons, Heaven and Hell.

So what separates these two religions, if not different understanding of the prophets’ messages? [many] Christians believe Jesus was the last prophet of God, [some call him Divine, incarnated] and deny Muhammad as having been the final prophet Jesus predicted to follow. Muslims read the same Bible that Christians read, and claim to follow Jesus Christ’s teachings more faithfully than Christians do. How can we make sense of these differences? And why, if the Islamic claim is true, don’t Muslims become Christian?

This website [] presents a series of focused articles to address these issues. The perspective is that of one man’s journey in the field of comparative religion. Whether you agree or disagree with my evidence and conclusions is your decision. From my side, I ask all of us to remember that freedom of religious choice is a God-given right. Even if mankind never unites upon one common religion, we can unite upon tolerance of religious differences and the global ethic of treating others as we, ourselves, would like to be treated. To this end I offer these articles, not compelling anyone to read them beyond their pleasure and interest, and not condemning anyone for clicking off this page and going elsewhere. In the same spirit of constructive discourse, I am happy to entertain all correspondence, on the condition that it remains respectful and polite.

Dr. Laurence B. Brown, MD

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