Zionist Mindset:Stumbling Block to Peace

There is an on going debate on the various aspect of Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the root cause of the regional instability in the Middle East, and a constant threat to the world peace due to the humanitarian, political, economic, historic and religious implications, involving billions of people the world aver. Basically it the humanitarian issue, the local people [Palestinians] living in their land since ages are being forced out of their own land to accommodate the Jews [mainly Europeans] to redress the atrocities committed by European Christians on Jews during last two millenniums. It also fulfills the Jewish aspirations to be sole master of Palestine which they ruled for short time in history. The world history is full of rise and fall of empires, subjugation of people and migration but rarely  one can find the colonization as it happened in American continent  against primitive local ‘Red Indians’ and Aborigines in Australia at large scale. The locals were brutally butchered through indiscriminate use of advance weaponry and fire power to cleanse the area to accommodate the Europeans colonizers now called settlers. Occasional symbolic apologies are rendered for political reasons to satisfy the human right activists, civil society and voters.

The Palestinians are not primitive Red Indians or Aborigines of Australia they are part of great civilization which ruled the major part of the world for over 1000 years, having their own advanced culture, language and history. Hence their resistance is strong and consistent, not likely to die down with the passage of time but is renewed with new fervor and enthusiasm. The majority of the Palestinians are adherent of Islam, believing in the same God, the God of Abraham, all prophets and scriptures (original uncorrupted, Torah and Gospel) including Jesus (peace be upon him) as the prophet of God and Christ, though the Jews and Christians don’t believe in Qur’an [the Last Testament] and last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Islam also grants special status to the Jews and Christians as “People of Scripture”, allows Muslims o to marry their women or eat their permissible food. The Zionists exploits this soft corner and try to convince the Palestinians not to resist the Zionist domination of Palestine and accept it as part of Divinely ordained decree. They try to quote the verses (out of context) from Qur’an and Hebrew Bible, to support their illegal and immoral occupation of Palestine. The Zionists claim is out rightly rejected as the God’s promise was conditional to the obedience to commandments of God which was fulfilled in the time of David [peace be upon him]

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https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B0Qfx8dX9TCvMGFiMjYwMjUtODM4OC00Y2NjLWJiNTEtMDY4OWM1NmYxOTNk&hl=en https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B0Qfx8dX9TCvOGJhMzc4MTEtZTlhYi00NDk5LTkyZjYtZDY4MDI5MDRmNjAz&hl=en

An analysis of  some writings of  Zionist scholars reveal the Zionist mindset which may be summarized as follows:

  1. Israel can not be placed within the confines of conventional history to be called a nation, a religion. They are specially chosen people of God. Ever since their expulsion from Palestine by Romans 2000 years ago Jews have lived in environment of insecurity.
  2. Ben-Gurion told the Lord Peel Commission in 1938 plainly: “Our title to the Land [of Israel] is the Hebrew Bible, written by our People, in Hebrew our language”.
  3. The Koran, completely in line with the Hebrew Bible, foretells the return of the People of Israel into the ancient homeland; and urges Jews to stand firmly on the Torah.  Hence this is not a conflict between two valid religions (i.e. Islam versus Israel).
  4. After having experienced a Holocaust in which it lost six million Jews, they are not being permitted to live a life of tranquility on its tiny piece of land since 1948 by hostile Palestinian Arabs so they had to fight to survive.
  5. The international community has negative approach and indulge in propaganda against Israel. Whenever Israel calls for peace, it is condemned for creating war.
  6. Despite all the hostilities, Israel has emerged as a strong industrial, military and economic power.
  7. The way out for Jews is; dependence on ‘Faith’ and Israel’s uniqueness because:
    1. Israel’s very existence is the manifestation of divine intervention in history to which Israel must attest.
    2. In Israel, history and revelation are one. Only in Israel do they coincide.
    3. While other nations exist as nations, the people of Israel exist as a reminder of God’s involvement in world history.
    4. Only in Israel is humanity touched by the divine.
    5. Israel was summoned to remind the world of God’s existence, not only concerning religion but as a historical reality.
    6. There is no security for Israel unless it is secure in its own destiny. It must assume the burden of its own uniqueness which is nothing other than to assume its role as God’s witness and be victorious.
    7. Israel’s official stance to depict the conflict as an Israel-Palestine one, is deadly wrong it amount to fall in to the Arab propaganda. The conflict is an Arab / Islamic war against any Jewish settlement in the ancient homeland of Israel. Obviously, any concession made to the PA [Palestinian Authority] is a concession to violent Jihad.

Zionists Mindset in Nutshell:

The land of Palestine belongs to Jews, the right granted by God to Jews in Hebrew Bible to His specially chosen people, also supported by Koran. Hence Muslims by opposing the Israeli occupation of Palestine are deviating from their own scripture. While other nations exist as nations, the people of Israel exist as a reminder of God’s involvement in world history, they are unique, different and superior, hence should assume its role as God’s witness and be victorious, others especially Palestinians should accept Zionist dominance and right over Palestine.

Analysis and Comments:

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