While goo.gl Retires Try one of Top URL Shorteners

Google URL shortener goo.gl is retiring so shift to other URL shortener. Here are top URL shorteners, in no particular order. These are among the most popular URL shorteners available at the web,  offering features like stats, tracking, and integration with some of the most-used Twitter dashboards.

bit.ly :  It is the most popular and one of the oldest URL shorteners. It offers instant tracking, stats, and the ability to have vanity URLs that signify your brand (for example, we use mbist.ro for our parent company, Mediabistro).

Owl.ly : This is the official HootSuite URL shortener, which can be used as a stand-alone shortener on the web, or while logged on to the HootSuite dashboard on the web or mobile.

Deck.ly , Su.pr, lnk.co  , fur.ly , moourl.com , this is  just some URL shorteners that deserve a mention. …  [ Keep reading ……]