Why the U.S. is Hated in Muslim World?

A Gallup poll conducted in the past, in ten Muslim nations, only 22 percent of the people questioned viewed the United States favorably. This discussion focuses to find answers to following questions:-

  1. Why does the United States foster such hatred in the Islamic world in particular? 
  2. Is it US foreign policy
  3. Its  support of Israel and of repressive Arab regimes in the Middle East? 
  4. Its culture? 
  5. Does globalization spread American values that are simply antithetical, thus disruptive, to the traditional Islamic view of society? 
  6. Just what should US do to win this struggle for the hearts and minds of those who despise them around the world?

Please listen and watch the video carefully, The biased views expressed by some participants, reflect their mid set, which also provide the answers to the questions raised above. More at <<<<< http://peace-forum.blogspot.com/2011/01/why-us-is-hated-in-muslim-world.html


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