19 Obsessions

Quran, 19 Bible, and Dead Sea Scrolls

The author, Brigadier Aftab Ahmad Khan (r) is a 19 veteran  passed out on 19 August, joined & commanded unit #19, after 19 years of service for 19 months. He has a weird relationship and obsession with number 19. He is also a freelance writer, researcher, and blogger, holds Masters in Political Science, Business Admin, Strategic Studies, spent over two decades in exploration of The Holy Quran & other Scriptures. He has been writing regularly in “The Defence Journal” since 2006. Over 50 ebooks His work has been accessed by  Millions also available  with over 50 ebooks at https://SalaamOne.com/About  https://www.facebook.com/IslamiRevival  Email: Tejdeed@gmail.com 

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Updated: 21 Feb 2023 12:54 PM