Foreign sponsored Terrorism in Pakistan and Local Facilitators

The terrorists attacks have killed over 70,000 innocent people in Pakistan. These terrorist attacks are planned and supported by foreign powers like Afghanistan, India with support of USA, which has replace USSR of eighties. The terrorists have local supporters.

With over three million refugees in Pakistan, it is easy for the ebnies of Pakistan  to smuggle in agents and hard for the Pakistanis to detect them. “Trained agents are regularly infiltrated into the Afghan refugee camps to carry out subversive activities,”

On December 5, 1988, Insight Magazine’s article The Butchers of Kabul posted a whole page that detailed that the Awami National Party’s leader Wali Khan worked with KHAD and the KGB, the intelligence agencies of Afghanistan and the Soviet Union, respectively – countries with whom Pakistan was at war – to launch terrorist bombings in Pakistan that killed 600 people. This paper says it was all intended to help bring about a Soviet takeover of Pakistan and its coastline on warm waters.

All those who never shut up about Baacha Khan being a man of peace should know that he was still alive and influential when his son was doing these shenanigans against his own country on behalf of hostile enemy states with whom it was at war. Baacha Khan was buried in Jalalabad, in that same Afghanistan.Here’s a Washington Post report, also from 1988, detailing how KHAD was carrying out terror attacks in Pakistan:

Here’s also CIA report, declassified in 2012, on KHAD’s terrorist activities in Pakistan during the 1980s under Soviet sponsorship:

As everybody knows, when the Americans invaded and conquered Afghanistan, they re-established KHAD (which was disbanded when the Afghan state collapsed in 1992) and re-launched as the NDS, which is now once again carrying out a massive terrorist assault on Pakistan for more than a decade now, with American and Indian backing. The groups it now sponsors include the TTP and ISIS.

This same Afghanistan (and its American overlord) now incessantly howl about Pakistan sponsoring terrorism against them.

This blog post also details the long history of Afghanistan’s aggression and terrorism-sponsorship against Pakistan right from 1947 which relentlessly continued for decades until its collapse and civil war in the 1990s:

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