Attacks on Islam-An Objective Rebuttal

In the post 9/11 scenario there has been mushroom growth of pseudo intellectuals and so called scholars to blame and criticize Islam, Qur’an the Holy Scripture and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for all the troubles on this planet especially the menace of terrorism. Amazingly they appear to be lacking in the basic knowledge of their own faith [Christianity] and scripture [Bible]. Their crude little knowledge about Islam is based upon anti Islamic biased sources which add fuel to the fire. Intellectually they are at the same level as extremists or elsewhere. They try to make their writings authentic by quoting isolated verses from Qur’an mostly out of context to extract meanings satisfying their preconceived notions. These Islamophobes engage in “mental reservation” when they mention half-truths about Islam.  The methodology is to mix half-truths with references and outright lies, either without references or irrelevant references.  One such site claims: “A non-racist, unbigoted inquiry into the core teachings of Islam and what it all means (if anything) for non-Muslims”. Sounds good! But the dichotomy is self evident form word ‘(if anything)”. The claims of non religiousness  is self contradictory, as such sources are full of hate material against Islam, Muslims, their beliefs, practices and Holy Scripture. One is made to believe as if no good can be found in Islam, even a Muslims marrying a widow as a social welfare service is projected as a scheme to produce more warriors.

Such people claim to educate the non Muslims about real face of Islam through novel idea to read book on Qur’an written by some biased non Muslim. Fearful of rapid growth and popularity of Islam all over the world especially among the pragmatic Europeans and American, these critics of Islam try to censure it by bringing up key components of the package of ideas (or bundle of beliefs) known as Islam as per his perceptions. For example the practice of Taqiyah is one of the fundament doctrines of Shi’a, [the minority sect of Islam,15-20%], criticizing Taqiyah by projecting it be the doctrine practiced by All the Muslims, is nothing but deceit, indicating malicious designs, false propaganda. Most of Muslims may not be aware of terms like Taqiyah, once I discussed it with one of my friends, a devout practicing Muslim, he showed his total ignorance, in fact he heard this term very first time from me! Hence critics embroiled the Muslims to respond to some thing which they don’t follow. Similarly why should we be discussing the doctrines of extremists, while majority rejects them. How if some one criticize the institution of Pope, and expect a Protestant Christian to defend it. Apart form deceiving the simple reader, such subjective criticism divert the time and energies of Muslims form real issues. Such is the nature of general objections raised against Islam, which can be found all over the cyber space and media. The twenty eight points of subjective criticism have been taken from one such ant Islamic sources as a base for objective analysis and rebuttal. Since Islam is the faith followed by all the prophets, a legacy of Prophet Abraham [pbuh], references form Bible are also quoted where ever required, this is especially for the satisfaction of followers of earlier scriptures. Aim is not criticize Christianity or Judaism but put the facts with references in correct perspective.

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