Muslim World- New Challenges

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revolutionized the primitive oppressive societies not only in the
Middle East but all over the world. Islamic civilization lead the world for over
thousand years, but the cracks started to be noticed since 15th century C.E. Ultimately the Christian West dominated the world through
colonization but failed to cause any considerable dent in the ideology of Islam, which is based upon justices, equity & high morality. After end of
colonial period the Islam resurged to again dominate the lives of its adherents. In fact despite their propaganda, the Imperialist West could not
root out Islam from the hearts and daily lives of Muslims. The colonial powers, replaced Islamic Shari’ah with Western law, but the personnel affairs of Muslims continue to be governed by Shari’ah. During 21st century there is world wide demand among Muslim societies to turn back to Shari’ah but the stooges of colonial masters resist on the pretext of taking society back to the past. In fact the system based upon justice and equity does not suit their oppressive designs to amass wealth and power among few in the ruling elite which controls the power and economic centres. The Arab Spring and other movements in most parts of the Muslim world reflect the desire for change,  which has to come since days of oppressor regimes are numbered. 
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