Straight Way to Righteousness

By: Abujak

God Commands that the people should not follow any other way except the “Straight Path of Righteousness” ascribed by Him. Any one following, the way other than this, will get astray. To be righteous, God Commands:-

  1. Do not join anything as equal with God.
  2. Be good to your parents.
  3. Do not kill your Children on the fear of sustenance, He provides sustenance.
  4. Do not perform shameful deeds, whether openly or in secret.
  5. Do not take life of people, except by way of justice and court of law.
  6. Do not take the property of the orphans except to improve it, until they grow up.
  7. Give measure and weight with full justice.
  8. Speak justly, even if it goes against your near relative.
  9. Fulfil the Covenant of God.
  10. God does not burden any one more than what can be borne.

[Source: Qur’an;6:151-153, Surah, Al-Inam (Chapter:6, verses, 151-156)]

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