5 Ridiculous Things you Probably Believe About Islam

A conservative commentator recently made headlines by claiming10 percent of all of the world’s Muslims are terrorists. An amazing claim, considering that equals 150 million terrorists and if each were to pull off an attack killing just 40 people, they could exterminate all non-Muslim life on earth.Either they’re not all that dedicated to terrorism, or the claim is utter insanity. Well, if there’s one thing everyone thinks of when they hear “Cracked.com” it’s “friend of Islam.” Which is why we feel compelled to clarify a few misconceptions for our readers. Also, there is no way this article will ever come back to haunt us in any way:

#1. Islam Is Stuck in the Dark Ages

#2. Western Cultures Are Far More Humane Than the Bloodthirsty Muslims

#3.“Muslim” Equals “Arab”

#4. Our Founding Fathers Would Never Have Tolerated This Muslim Nonsense!

#5. If You’re a Muslim Woman, You Have to Wear the Veil

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