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Are the knowledgeable and the ignorant equal? In fact, none will take heed except the people of understanding.”(Qur’an;39:9)

“The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge, but the mouths of fools feed on folly.”(Bible, Proverbs 15:14)

Study is one of the great sources of happiness, if not the greatest, because it allows us the full expression of our rational nature. In appreciating philosophical or scientific truths and incorporating them in our own knowledge, we are reaching the peak of what it is to be human. Happiness is not pleasure, but a by-product of a meaningful life.[Aristotle]

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انڈکس… اردو

Aftab Khan regularly writes on religion, philosophy, history, sociology, culture, power politics, national, international issues and other topics. His work is regularly published in Journal (DJ) since 2006. Here is the collection of books and articles by Aftab Khan[SalaamOne Network}. Three books [“Creation”, “Guidance” and “Islam: The Legacy of Abraham” are provided free at given address in Pakistan….(see details)

Atheism & Humanism:

Atheism, denying existence of God is contrasted with theism, which in its most general form is the belief that at least one deity exists. Arguments for atheism range from the philosophical to social and historical approaches. Rationales for not believing in any supernatural deity include the lack of empirical evidence, the problem of evil, the argument from inconsistent revelations, and the argument from nonbelief. This book explores; Religious Humanism, Existence of God, Philosophical Arguments for God, Criticism on Existence of God, Proof of  God & Scientific Facts. Keep reading Online or Download pdf.

The Creator:

The idea of a Supreme Power who is the First Cause of all things, the Creator and Ruler of heaven and earth has always been part of human nature from the beginning. The beliefs supporting the existence of God or against it, including the middle positions have resulted in an array of doctrines, the most prominent among them are; Theism, Monotheism, Theodicy, Deism, Agnosticism and Atheism. The main issue which have remained the center of attention of believers of the God has been; How to prove the existence of God rationally? This has been dilated upon in this book. Read Online or Download pdf.

خالق کائنات کون؟ مختلف عقاید جن میں خدا کے وجود پر ایمان رکھنا یا اس کے مخالف جن کے نتیجے میں مختلف اقسام کے نظریات جیسے کہ  خدا پرستی  (Theism)، توحید پرستی (Monotheism-موحد،)، تھیوڈسی (Theodicy- خدا کی لامحدود طاقت کا برائی کی موجودگی میں دفاع)، دی ازم (Deism)، اگناسٹک (Agnosticism-خدا کےہونے یا نہ ہونے کے متعلق لا تعلق)، دہریت، الحاد ( Atheism) وغیرہ – توحید (Monotheism) ؛ ایک خدا کے وجود پر ایمان ہےجو اس شرک سے مبرا ہے. توحید یہودیت، عیسائیت(کسی حد تک ) اور اسلام کی خصوصیت  ہے، جن کے مطابق خدا دنیا کا خالق ہےاورنگران بھی جو انسانی واقعات میں مداخلت کرتا ہے-  خدا رحمان اور مقدس ہے جوتمام  نیکیوں اوراچھائیوں کا منبع ہے- اس کاینات کا خالق کون؟ کیا یہ ابدی ہے اور حادثاتی طور پر خود بخود وجود پزیر ہوئی یا اس کا کوئی خالق ہے؟ … پڑھتے جائیںان لائن… یا ڈاؤنلوڈ کریں پی ڈی ایف..

The Creation:

Man has always been inquisitive about the origin and creation of universe to which earth is just a small part. The whole cosmic system of matter and energy is called universe. In this book the traditional narratives and myths of Creation, Scientific & theosophical theories have been explained, The Grand Design of creation include, Qur’anic and Biblical narrative of creation and their comparative analysis. Synthesis of Islamic & scientific narrative of creation is revealing. Other subjects include human creation; Origin of life, Theory of Evolution and Refutation by Christians; the Islamic perspective include in favor and opposing views, which may appear strange to  some readers. Read Online or Download pdf.

The Guidance: 

It is said that human is a thinking, rational animal. He knows what is right and what is wrong, so does he/she need some additional source of Guidance? Some say ‘No’, while others say ‘Yes’ and still there are who say ‘I Don’t know’. The Book “Guidance” includes, natural guidance, miracles & signs; The brief on the messengers of God; from Adam – Noah – Abraham – Ishmael – Isaac – Jacob -Moses – David, Solomon – John The Baptist (peace be upon them all), Prophet Jesus Christ, The Son of Mary (peace be upon him) and The Last Messenger; Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Sacred Scriptures. i.e. The Bible and Qur’an have been briefly introduced. Read Online or Download pfd.

Islam: The Legacy of Abraham: 

Man endeavors to live the life within the desired parameters to achieve His pleasure, the objective of his creation. This original religion of Abraham, was revived: Islam, in its unique spirit of monotheism, fourteen hundred years ago in concordance with the light of reason; exclusive of mysterious doctrines to cast a shade of sentimental ignorance round the original truths rooted in the human intellect, representing the latest development of the religious faculties. The Book “Islam: The Broader Perspective”; includes the Islam of Prophet Abraham, refutation of Prophet Jesus Christ by Jews, evolution of Christianity, revival of Legacy of Abraham (pbuh) by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Its doctrines, practices and the concept of Predestination has been debated. The other subjects include;  Jihad,  Shari’a , Priesthood, Human Rights and role of Islamic civilization in the development of humanity and the modern challenges. Read Online or Download pdf.

The Last Prophet:

Previously the messengers were sent for the particular nation or community for particular time. Once a new messenger or prophet came it was obligatory to follow him, denying one messenger means denying all the messengers. However this system of messengers came to end with the last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Muslims while believing in all the previous messengers of God and scriptures, adhere to the message preached by the last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and The Qur’an as the final uncorrupted holy scripture not restricted to any particular race but for the guidance of whole humanity, while superseding all the previous scriptures…. Keep reading Online or Download pdf.

Universe Science & God:
“Verily in the heavens and the earth are Signs for those who believe. (Qur’an; 45:3).

Science is beginning to see the entire universe as an interlinked network of energy and information. Our capacity for survival must come from reason and knowledge.” The follower of 3 great monotheistic faiths believe that God created the universe and governs it as per His laid down rules. The atheists reject such a set of beliefs. In philosophy there are many rational, metaphysical, logical, empirical, or subjective arguments for the existence of God. Interestingly the conclusions reached by science recently were mentioned 1400 years ago in the last Testament; The Quran which provides theological, philosophical and scientific evidence of existence of God. To derive maximum benefit it is suggested that the book may be read with an open mind keeping aside the existing ideas. Read Online or Download pdf.

Palestine, Bible, Quran & History

Palestine is the most complex geopolitical and religious issue, confronted by the humanity, which if left unresolved will continue to be threat to the world peace. This historic flashpoint which kicked off the clash of civilizations, centuries ago, still has the potentials to flare up to repeat the history with unpredictable terrible consequences. While the followers of three Abrahamic faiths; Judaism, Christianity and Islam have the historic, religious, emotional and sentimental attachments with this land, no sane person can agree to deny the right of the Palestinian people as human being to enjoy the fruits of freedom in their own land in this age of freedom and democracy. The Zionists claim that; ‘this land has been given to them by God as His chosen people’. To ascertain the veracity of this claim and to contemplate possible peaceful resolution, this issue is being reviewed in the light of Bible, Qur’an & History. Read Online or Download pdf

Christian Zionism : The Real Threat to The World Peace

The USA to support Zionism on religious grounds is termed as Christian Zionism. The white evangelical Christians, 81 percent of whom voted for Trump, for them Israeli occupation of Palestine is a religious obligation. The policies of  USA, the lone super power and the country with the largest Christian population has direct affects the world peace. A mischievous group of Zionist Christians through conspiracies and wickedness have been given a free hand to use this giant nation as a tool to implement the Zionist heinous agenda of world domination. It is very strange that how Zionists Corrupted Christian Theology to turn hostility against Jews in to favor !Therefore there is need to analyse the Zionist claims form Bible, its validity in present environment in the light of UN Charter of human rights, US internal social, politico-religious dynamics and its role in Middle East. This .may help to make this world a better, peaceful place for the humanity by understanding the real issue. Read Online or Download 3 Parts… pdf

صیہونی مسیحیت اور بائبل 

امریکی امریکن صدر ڈونلڈ ٹرمپ نے امریکی سفارتخانہ کو یروشلم منتقل کرنے کا اعلان کیا تو دنیا حیران ہے کہ امریکہ نے تمام دنیا کی مخالفت کے باوجود اتنا بڑا اقدام اٹھایا۔ بہت کم لوگوں کو علم ہے کہ امریکہ اور…[ Continue reading…]

Jihad – They Myth and Reality:

The concept of “Jihad” has been misused by terrorists and Western media in negative sense. Jihad (striving) has much wider significance than a military campaign and open warfare as commonly perceived. Jihad could be with “the heart” (intentions or feelings), with “the hand” (weapons etc) a simple action, such as standing firm in defense of the cause of Islam or “with tongue” (expression through speech or writing etc). This may require speaking out in public, for extending invitation of Islam to non believers (Dawah, preaching), against ignoring Islamic principles, and writing articles or publishing books to promote Islam. The aim of making Strenuous Efforts (Jihad) has many aspects… Keep reading Online or Download pdf.

Presently the Muslim societies are in a state of ideological confusion and flux. Materialism, terrorism, ignorance and intolerance have threatened the peace, tarnishing the image of religion. These circumstances demand special response from the people who are deeply concerned about well being of humanity. Objective of this wakeup call is to draw the attention towards pressing issues which need urgent resolution. With persistent efforts we can get out of of this quagmire.

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