Defence Journal Pakistan

We take pleasure in introducing you to the Defence Journal. Published monthly from Karachi, the Defence Journal benefits from a long and distinguished pedigree. It has been in continuous operation since the past 27 years and after its acquisition by the Pathfinder group in 1997, its circulation has grown to over 16000 copies per month due to a higher profile and hard-hitting editorials.

The Defence Journal has a regular readership in excess of 80,000 mostly due to the in-depth reporting and keenful insight offered by its panel of reporters, journalists, columnists and experts on defence and related issues. The editorial is mostly dedicated to national defence and political scenarios as well as an overlook on the international arena and its effect on this region in particular. Defence Journal is the only magazine of its own kind being printed in Pakistan.

The Defence Journal has carved a niche for itself amongst the armed forces, government officials, the diplomatic as well as the financial circles and not to mention the intelligentsia. Also, complimentary copies of the Defence Journal are available in the Executive lounges of all the major five star hotels and PIA carries copies of the Defence Journal onboard its domestic and international flights enabling us to reach even more people both in and as well as outside of Pakistan. The Defence Journal has also had the distinction of being the Official Supporting Publication of the Defence Expo, IDEAS 2000 and IDEAS 2002 IDEAS 2004.

We believe that a strong print medium like the Defence Journal can effectively cater to the needs of advertisers by reaching and influencing a large number of readers. Our readership profile indicates that our readers tend to be very loyal to the magazine and place a great amount of trust in our publication. Potential advertisers can easily capitalize on this goodwill by entering into a contract with us as per the enclosed schedule and tariffs.

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